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Hair Care Tips

○ Trust your hair expert as good hair cut are the best treatment.
○ Your shampoo's only work is to clean hair. It does not promote growth by itself.
○ Shampoo your hair everyday using the correct type of shampoo.
○ Put the conditioner only on your hair and never on the scalp.
○ Oil provides moisture - it does not promote hair growth. Get a spa treatment instead.
○ Use brushes and combs with wide spikes to avoid breakage of hair.
○ Use a heat protector spray while ironing/blow drying your hair at home.
○ Try not to keep styling aids like gel, hair wax, mousse's, blow dry lotion, spray in your hair for more than one day.
○ Avoid frequent chemical jobs. Also consult a professional before doing any at home.
○ Hair growth comes from a healthy diet and positive thinking.
○ Drink plenty of water. But do not use very hot water for your hair wash.

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Raza Unisex Salon, Best Hair Stylist in Lucknow, Best Salon in Lucknow

Winter Care Tips

The sun has set on summer and we are now enjoying all that autumn has to offer. A seasonal change typically means a change in the way skin behaves, often resulting in dryness and a general dull appearance.Unfortunately, as the seasons change, so can your skin and the care it needs. Hence, It is essential to adjust your skin care routine to accommodate these changes.

The spring and autumn months are the ultimate time to review your current skin care regime. Use this time to analyze your skin to determine a suitable home care plan.

Exfoliating your skin twice a week and apply a face mask more frequently to boost and hydrate. Adding essential oils into your regime is an exceptional way to nourish skin, whether its dehydration or sensitivity, it will ensure you skin is effectively protected by the time winter arrives. By making just a few alterations, you can keep your complexion clear and your skin radiant all year around.

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Raza Unisex Salon, Best Hair Stylist in Lucknow, Best Salon in Lucknow

Pre Conditioning

Conditioning is one of the most significant steps to keep our hair healthy, we all know; but did you know preconditioning also plays a vital role in doing so? That's right! Preconditioning moisturises the hair and keeps it healthy from within.

When it comes to hair care, moisturising is one of the best methods to keep your hair healthy and bouncy. So, including a preconditioner in your hair care regime will add life to your hair. You typically slather a small quantity of preconditioner on your mane, let it sit for up to 30 minutes, and shampoo and condition as usual. The result? Shinier, more hydrated tresses.

Contrary to popular belief, conditioning is not enough to provide hydration to your hair. That's why, preconditioning your hair is essential as it can really push some more nutrients into your mane.

When you deep-condition your hair even before you shampoo, your hair actually becomes a lot bouncier and silkier than before. Continue to do this and you'll notice a considerable difference.

You should definitely try this technique as it brings amazing benefits and also lets your hair breathe easy. Though women with curly hair have been particularly keen on this moisturizing technique, it works on all types of hair.

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These tips are from Mr. Jawed Habib
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